Josh Parker’s Herpes Blitz Protocol

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Josh Parker's Herpes Blitz Protocol ReviewHerpes is one of the prettiest disgusting diseases that can result in a plethora of conditions like ulcers all over the body, cold sores, etc. In addition to pain, this type of condition also results in creating embarrassment in the public. Are you one of those people who is dealing with this condition for a long time & doesn’t find any suitable cure? If yes, then this article is created for people like you.

We strongly suggest that you should read this article carefully as our team is reviewing an amazing guide, named “Herpes Blitz Protocol” that has claimed to cure herpes naturally. Check out the post carefully now.

Herpes Blitz Protocol Review

The Herpes Blitz is an incredible program that is capable to cure herpes by targeting its root cause. This guide includes natural home remedy that uses three Moroccan ingredients resveratrol, quercetin, & curcumin for treating this issue. The program is created by Josh Parker who is an army officer. He was successful in creating such an amazing program after a deep research with his friend. The author’s girlfriend deal with Herpes at a young age & that’s why he goes through an in-depth research to create the Herpes Blitz protocol. Since its launch, the program has helped more than 64,000 people in the different parts across the world.

The program is sold by the author at a discounted price of US$ 27 that is quite low when you make a comparison with the high-cost medicines. It is guaranteed to give results to the users due to its unique approach towards curing herpes. Your order is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to claim all your money back without any questions asked if it doesn’t work for you. It means you need to simply email them to get a refund if you aren’t fully satisfied with the results.

Additionally, the program offers two solid bonus guides for free to buyers. We have given details about each of them below:

Bonus One – The Immune Protection Protocol
This special bonus will tell you about a 14-day action plan that you can follow to easily improve your immune system. If you choose to follow the things mentioned in this guide adequately, then there is a great chance that your body will become stronger against normal conditions, such as flu, cold, etc. Additionally, this guide has information about 25 tasty & delicious recipes that you can enjoy on a regular basis.

Bonus Two – The Sex Drive Stimulator
The sex drive of a patient dealing with herpes is greatly affected. The person starts to feel bad about themselves & often feel low energy while sex. However, there is no need to worry about this condition as the bonus guide “The Sex Drive Stimulator” include information about a great variety of incredible & solid natural aphrodisiacs. These remedies have the ability to charge the sex drive of both men as well as women in a natural manner.

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Product Details

The Herpes Blitz Protocol asks a one-time investment & offer benefits that can change your life completely. The program is based on the Wonder of Epigenetic therapy that will cure herpes of the roots. They have added information about three ingredients having anti-viral qualities to treat this condition. The author has talked about a natural drink that one has to consume for at least 2 weeks. It will create powerful interferons in the body that can allow you treat this condition. This has been even acknowledged in many types of research that include a Harvard Study. Furthermore, the guide includes pretty useful information about three Moroccan ingredients that can treat this condition effectively. We have explained each of them in detail below:

  • Curcumin – It is the main compound available in the turmeric that is used in almost every meal. This spice has been a staple in the Moroccan foods. It has an incredible ability to kill HSV-1.
  • Quercetin – The second ingredient about which author has talked is Quercetin that can be easily extracted from the red onions, tomatoes, & apples. It has the power to weaken the both HSV-1 & HSV-2 by 50%.
  • Resveratrol – This ingredient is available in abundance in red grapes. It is a disease defying polyphenol having ability to stop the inflammatory transcription factor protein efficiently without any side effect.

The author has explained each of things in a precise manner to make sure everyone can understand it. The program is divided into two parts that we have explained below:

Phase One – The Search Phase
This phase includes a seven-day smoothie protocol that you have to follow. This protocol is clinically proven to stop the herpes virus and make sure it gets eliminated from your body completely. The herpes virus is made up of the LSD-1 protein. This protocol will effectively weaken this type of protein & make your body free from all types of herpes.

Phase Two – The Destroy Phase
Once you complete the first seven days of the search phase, you have to start the destroy phase. It will be a 21-day protocol that is created to boost up the immune system of the body & kill the virus. You will be able to get rid of this virus in a purely natural manner without any side effect.


There is a great variety of advantages offered by the Herpes Blitz Protocol program that is mentioned below:

  • The most amazing benefit of this program is that it allows you to treat this disgusting disease quite affordable. You don’t have to take any costly medications & treatments.
  • Your body will not have any type of side effects by following this program. Each of the ingredients mentioned in this guide is completely natural so there is nothing to worry about side effects.
  • The Herpes Blitz is equipped with a 60-day money back guarantee. In any instance, if you don’t find this guide useful at all, then you are free to claim each of your penny back.
  • It is available at a very pocket-friendly price that makes sure the program doesn’t hit hard on anyone’s pocket.

Now, we will tell you about some disadvantages of the Herpes Blitz Protocol explained below:

  • There is no way that you will become successful in treating herpes if you think that the dishes mentioned in this guide will be tasty. Some of them doesn’t taste good at all, but you have to eat them to eliminate the virus.
  • The program is only available in digital format that might create a problem for some people who prefer to read books.
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In our opinion, the Herpes Blitz Protocol is an incredible program that can do wonders for the people who are dealing with the herpes condition. There are thousands of people who have successfully got rid of this disease by following the natural remedy included in this guide. Furthermore, the program is very easy to follow & include ingredients that are available in everyone’s kitchen.

Last but not the least, it comes with two bonus guides & a 60-day money back guarantee that is enough to prove its authenticity. Overall, it is a revolutionary guide that can help you eliminate this virus from your immune system. Grab your copy now!


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